BuzzBall Speed Diamond White Lightnin' Base
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The BuzzBall Speed Diamond single clip rookie style base has won speed competitions all over the country!

Some tweaking is required.  You can follow along in our youtube instructional video "Tweaking For Speed"  below:

See how nice and clean they look.





  "JUST ASK THE OPPOSING DEFENSE ABOUT THE NEW SPEED DIAMONDS. ENOUGH SAID." RAIDERMAN BUZZBALL Speed Diamond Bases Kick Butt! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I recently purchased a set of BUZZBALL Speed Diamond bases from SI Warehouse and I highly recommend you invest in these bases. They truly work well with and against the older Tudor and the Miggle bases. I found that they tested better in speed and strength in comparison to older Tudor single clip bases. These bases are ideal for your specialty players (WR's & RB's). Keep in mind, this was our analysis of these bases. They were however, an early Christmas present for our league. I hold true to my earlier statement. I recommend you buy a set of these bases. I'm sure you will be pleased with the result. Thanks SI Warehouse! - Rob Dalmasse PEFL Commish What a wonderful thing these S/D bases!!


I just got mine today and right out of the box, no touching, fast and quick!! Thanks so much. Just in time for my College league. - John Rowan, San Antonio, TX

I just received the S/D's and I must say they are the most amazing bases I've ever unpacked. The new packaging is awesome and a great time/headache saver for those who are "tweak challenged". The speed is incredible and the quality, as with all Buzzball products, is of the highest order. These bases will go down as the absolute best "out of the bag" bases in the history of the metal gridiron. Keep up the good work. Terry Popham, Dallas/Fort Worth.

Speed Diamond bases are THE best rookie bases on the market, past and present. For the novice they offer near instant performance boosts for their squads with limited tweaking. For the consummate base tweakers they offer nearly unlimited possibilities for speed and strength. -Mike Pratt, CBA

The new BuzzBall Speed Diamonds can be summed up in two words: Quality and Performance. From the ingenious packaging that "pre-trains" these elegant platforms, to the finely detailed prongs, BuzzBall's latest release lives up to George Diamond's commitment to perfection. Speed and power are clearly evident in these high performance platforms. Aside from boiling, cooking and cutting, it used to take going through hundreds, and in some cases, thousands to find a special platform. Now, virtually every one "out of the box" is an instant threat. A Speed Diamond has no added weight, no artificially exaggerated size, no "bulldozer shovel" front-end, no jacked-up muscle car height and no equal. Add this to the visual impact of unique color tone and you have sharp looks combined with total performance. Everyone has their personal preferences. This latest innovation has a place in every enthusiast's collection. Joseph Paras, Arlington TX



Here is how to tweak them



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BuzzBall Speed Diamond White Lightnin' Base

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